AB2 Int'l Ltd.

AB2 Int’l Ltd. began its great tradition over 40 years ago as a small children wear factory in Alexandria. Today, the family-owned company is run by the second generation, and have three Divisions, Apparel and Bed-linen Manufacturing , Out sourcing and Agencies , and exporting Division.


Our Division Clothing Company having our own Production unit as well as Outsourcing. A large number of sourcing factories provide close-in manufacturing support and help meet the growing demand while ensuring the superior quality of our products.


AB2 is your Textile outsourcing partner. We provides comprehensive sourcing and quality management services including vendor selection, product development, negotiations, merchandizing, logistics, and quality assurance. AB2 provides unique advantage to your supply chain needs. We have highly qualified, professional, and trained team. Quality is ensured at every step of the way from production procurement of the product to the delivery.

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Address: 29 Iskandar Akbar Street,Azarita,Alexandria 21131, Egypt.